We know the ins and outs throughout all of wrongful termination law and how to help you navigate these legal complexities so that you are able to receive the compensation and justice that you deserve.

Learn About Our Wrongful Termination Services

Wrongful termination may seem impossible with employee-at-will doctrines and legal realities. However, the law carves out exceptions so that you can still be wrongfully terminated, even with employee-at-will doctrines in practice.

We help you identify the majority views surrounding wrongful termination so that we can evaluate the strength of your case. We use our understanding of the law to help you create and build the best case for you.

Our team works closely with you to identify any breach of employment contracts that took place when you were wrongfully terminated. Employment contracts can be written or implicit, and we know the differences between the two and how to prepare cases around both.

We also work with you to identify any job discrimination that occurred during the termination. While employee-at-will doctrines are broad, they do not allow for federally prohibited job discrimination across states.