Restaurants may be reluctant to admit wrongdoing. In many cases, the restaurant might try to claim that you did something to cause your injury. Even if the restaurant does take responsibility for its actions (or inactions), you will still have to deal with the restaurant’s insurance company, which will likely do everything it can to deny or reduce your claim.

Our attorneys know how to hold restaurants and insurance companies accountable for their actions. We review restaurant inspection reports and interview witnesses to determine if the restaurant knew something was wrong but didn’t do anything to correct such dangerous or hazardous conditions. We also know how to effectively negotiate with insurance companies.

There are many causes of restaurant accidents and injuries. In each case, it’s the restaurant’s responsibility to make sure you and anyone else injured at their establishment is compensated for their injuries. That’s where we can help you hold them responsible.

Common Causes

  • Slip and fall accidents (due to liquid)
  • Burn injuries (hot liquid spilled on people)
  • Food poisoning
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Unmarkked hazards