pothole accidents

Potholes are familiar territory to all California drivers, often times causing serious damage to vehicles and drivers. Many drivers who suffer damages fail to take advantage of compensation funds designed to help victims of damage caused by potholes to recover. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident caused by a pothole then contact the pothole attorney’s attorney to schedule a free case evaluation regarding the filing of a lawsuit for recovery of damages sustained in a pothole accident.

Vehicle Damage Caused by Potholes

  • Tire blow outs;
  • Under carriage damage;
  • Fender damage;
  • Cracked rim;
  • Total loss of vehicle;
  • Airbag deployment

When vehicle damage is under $5,000 you may be entitled to recovery without having to go through your insurance carrier or provider. It is important to call our offices immediately when the injury or event occurs in order to fill out the necessary paperwork required to facilitate your claim.