Civil rights protections are one of the bedrocks of our democracy. We are passionate about protecting the American people’s rights to equality regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender or sexual orientation.Our firm represents people who have had their rights and even their dignity stripped from them by police officials, elected officials, large corporations and others.

We handle civil rights cases, including:

  • Police misconduct
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Wrongful arrest

Police officers are not immune to the law but they sometimes abuse their power. Beyond filing criminal charges, you can file a civil lawsuit against police departments and cities where officers apply the law inappropriately and have caused you personal injury or damage to your reputation. Law enforcement departments are no strangers to police cover-ups, excessive force and brutality.

Our California and New York Police misconduct attorneys take strong legal steps to protect victims and remind police officers of their duties to maintain composure, professionalism, and respect others. Our attorneys handle police misconduct cases throughout California and New York. We are responsive and fully staffed to independently investigate your claim.

Pursuing Monetary Compensation For Injuries And Damages

Suing a municipality or the state is not a simple task. Strict statutes of limitations apply to these cases defense lawyers will need to be of the highest caliber. You deserve justice, and you should never have to suffer the consequences of being beaten, shot, assaulted, wrongfully arrested or imprisoned, unnecessarily.

In most cases unfortunately, the police control the evidence. Getting our hands on that evidence before it is tampered with or destroyed is critical to the success of your case. The defense will rely heavily on the type and amount of substantial evidence. It is imperative to present a good case to the judge or jury based on facts. Evidence will include medical reports related to your injuries. To delay seeking medical care or legal counsel is detrimental to your case.


We have years of experience advocating for injury victims in California and New York. We will hold the police accountable for misconduct and brutality. We will prove liability and prosecute for your maximum compensation. Our police misconduct attorneys are some of the most experienced attorneys around.

Here are a few tips if you find yourself in a situation being mistreated by the police:

  1. Do NOT go to the police for help.
  2. Do NOT plead guilty to any crime.
  3. Do NOT make recorded statements to police.
  4. Speak with one of our attorneys first!


Call us at 800-944-1889 to schedule a consultation. Gain a full understanding of your legal rights and options. We will fight for you. Our team of legal professionals are some of the best police misconduct attorneys in California and New York. We will handle your case with compassion and conviction. Everyone should be held accountable for their actions, especially those who are supposed to uphold the law and keep us safe.