We go to nightclubs expecting to have a good time and escape the pressures and stress of our weekly schedules. What we don’t expect is to be caught in the middle of a dangerous situation and risk serious injury. An altercation gets out of hand or innocent bystanders get hurt. Those injuries create a different set of pressures and stress, creating financial hardships in addition to physical and emotional trauma.

Examples of Age Discrimination

Is the nightclub legally accountable?

If you feel the bar or nightclub is at fault for an assault or any other injury, Our attorneys can explore your possible premises liability lawsuit.

Nightclubs and their owners can be found liable for any injuries to guests that have been caused by negligent employees under premises liability law and theory. When a fight breaks out in a nightclub, innocent bystanders are oftentimes hurt.

Who are the responsible parties?

In most cases, one or a combination of the following individuals will either be the cause of your injuries and/or be responsible for them:

  • Bartenders and wait staff
  • Bouncers and other security personnel
  • Club manager and owners
  • Club patrons